With Over 16 million color options and programmable sequences, our dynamic  Inception permanent lighting system gives our customers the ability to celebrate every holiday, and special occasion in style. The user-friendly app-controlled system gives the customer complete control of the permanent lights to create a stunning ambiance that fits every customer’s desired look.

During the day the lighting track is designed to look like trim that matches the home. During the night the lights look like c9 professional-grade Christmas lights. The dynamic LEDs

The LED Lights have a 50,000-hour lifespan and all components of the system are rated to last over 10 years.

Works with MeshTeks’s advanced Bluetooth mesh controller and apps.

Digitally Addressable RGB LED based

Dual DATA line technology for industries’ highest reliability

Weatherproof lighting

HyperLux LED tech for high lumens for each color

One controller for up to 800 Nugget LED’s in up to 4 directions

Fit in Patented UV-protected track technology, invisible during the day time.